Backpack Hunting: Food for the Backcountry

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  • Donnie

    That cherry pie pro bar will be finding it’s way into my pack next month!
    How did your PB and honey bagels taste after the first few days? I pre-made 7 bagels, vacuum sealed, and froze mine before our trip in 2015. By the 3rd day, I had to throw them out as they were tasting pretty terrible. That was about 600 calories of food I was not getting for the remainder of our 7 day hunt. I’m looking to change things up a bit this year. I’ll either make my bagels fresh each day (honey and PB packets and pre-cooked bacon) or try something else for lunch. I always looked forward to my daily snickers bar as well. 🙂

    • dialedinhunter

      Nice!! Love those pro bars! Such a bummer about your bagels man! My bagels were fine. A little squished, but that’s it. I pre-made them before I left. Didn’t do anything fancy, just put them in a Ziploc.