Finding that “magic” hunting spot

Dialed In Hunter-6890The world of western hunting and hunting in general can be a bit overwhelming to a new comer.  I found this to be all too true after blitzkrieging my way into this lifestyle.  It is a lifestyle in my opinion.  What gear do I need?  What do I want to hunt?  Do I hunt alone or with a partner?  Then there is a the question of WHERE do I hunt?  This one probably plagued me the most in the beginning and still does from time to time.  With so much public land to hunt out west, the question of where to hunt almost seemed unanswerable at the time.  A guy can walk a whole lot out here before finding that “magic” spot.

As you can imagine, the first thing that I did was consult the knowledge of veteran hunters on local hunting forums, pro shops, and even guys in the field.  I was watering at the mouth for information and remain that way to this day.  I got all sorts of responses from laughing to gps coordinates.  For those that have helped me in the past and are reading this, I ultimately thank you and you know who you are.  Don’t ever think that you have it all sewn up and always be willing to learn more.  You will be a better hunter.

So the quest for those magic hunting spots continued.  I can’t tell you how many miles I have driven and hiked in search of the holy grail of areas.  Just thinking about it makes my legs hurt.  It also humbles me.  In my relentless search for black bears, I have found excellent coues deer and elk hunting areas.  In my search for coues deer, I have found exceptional turkey hunting.  It’s funny how that all works.  The mountains are going to give you what they want to give you at the time.  You don’t write the script.

Dialed In Hunter-3337Reflecting back on all of the adventures I’ve taken myself on over the years tells me that, while appreciated, it doesn’t matter how many tips you get from fellow hunters on areas to check out or how many books you read on the subject of your desire.  The magic hunting spot you are looking for doesn’t exist, because you haven’t created it YET.  How I have found the “magic” areas that I have is by sheer determination and an undying love for what I am doing.  In the process I’d say that the memories and hard work put into an area make it just as magical of a hunting spot as the animals that walk them.  Talking to people and reading is great!!  Do it!  It will only get you so far though and the only way to find that “magic” spot is to go and find it.  Get out there and live your own dream.  The more you do, the more “magic” spots you will find.

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