Heartache at 11,000 ft.

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  • Jason Shafor

    Great story. I want to try Colorado sometime

    • dialedinhunter

      Thanks Jason! It’s a good time!

  • Eric

    Good story. One point: You said, “we are changing directions and hunting different country in hopes of being able to locate the herd we have been hearing.”

    Maybe I don’t understand what you were trying to say, but If you can hear the elk, then they are only a few hundred yards away, max. When you can hear the elk, that’s the time to move very aggressively towards them, paying attention to the wind. Get in close and then call.

    I live about 90 minutes by truck from the area you described. There are a lot of elk and I wish you luck in 2017.

    • dialedinhunter

      We never could catch up to the herd that we were hearing, due to them not being THAT vocal. We’d find the sign and hear maybe a bugle or two, but never could lay eyes on them. You are absolutely right about getting aggressive with them and that’s what we did when we actually were able to find the herd. Thanks man!! Good luck to you as well!

  • Donnie

    Great read! I came across your 2016 Elk Hunt video on Youtube and had to look you up. Sorry things didn’t work out for you on your hunt. My buddy and I hunted unit 15 in 2015 and only saw a lone cow. We will be back in CO this time next month but thinking of trying a new area. Do you mind divulging which area of CO this was located? I really like the looks of the terrain. Nothing in unit 15 but beetle killed pines.

    • dialedinhunter

      Thanks Donnie! Yeah, it was for sure a bummer. I can’t wait to get back out there this September. Keep after it man. You’ll find elk eventually out there. Tons of Elk in CO to chase. Can be a grind finding them, but they are there for sure. Good luck this upcoming season!