Hunters vs. Hunters

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  • Dawn DB

    Very well said, Mr. Kirchner. My thanks to you for saying what needs to be heard. I hope everyone is listening.

    • dialedinhunter

      Thank you! Glad it resonated with you!

  • Dell Owens

    I HAVE BEEN TROUGH MANY THINGS LIKE THIS, AND THE ONE THING THAT IS TRUE IS “You don’t endorse or approve of something a hunter did just because you are also a hunter. When you do it means you would do the same thing. So you protect your sport, and there fore make the statement that all hunters don’t have the same ethics, they don’t. Anti’s would say if you stand by a man who poached with a bow, then you think poaching is not so wrong, guilt by association. On the other hand, if your ,your own man aka Hunter, You show the anti’s that wrong is wrong, and you say it , Blind obedience will get us in deep trouble. It’s the same reason if I see someone spot lighting, I call the Game Warden, or someone shooting from the back of a truck, or a gun shot at night when it’s an archery hunt. If you stand by and refuse to bad mouth a person who is no part of a hunter, just out there shooting animals with the same weapon you use, you are not “standing up for real hunters” who wants a person out in the field making us look bad, ? not me. Speak your mind , and declare your self a real hunter, you’ll get a lot more respect if you do

    • dialedinhunter

      Well said! You are absolutely right. I do not condone people being unethical or breaking laws at all. I will be the first to call the game warden if I see something fishy going on and we need more people that will do so. It is our responsibility as hunters plain and simple. I was more getting at how people criticize one another for something as minute as which weapon they prefer to hunt with. As long as people are obeying the laws and acting accordingly in the field, we should support each other, not tear each other down. Thanks for reading!

  • When I lived in Michigan I used to follow forums. About 5 years ago, everyone was cool and it was a valuable site to ask questions and hear from fellow hunters on a number of topics. Nowadays the site is littered with criticism, hatred and negative comments. We as sportsman need to stand together now more than ever. I agree that social media has made it easy to lash out while maintaining relative anonymity. Great post!

    • dialedinhunter

      Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoyed it! It is an unfortunate thing, but a very real thing. I know exactly what you are talking about with the forums. I have seen people ask an honest question about something, have 2 or 3 valuable replies, and then the rest of the comments are people bashing each other for the opinions one another have on the topic. DUMB.