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  • Aznealz

    Nicely done. We all need a kick in the butt sometimes. Some of us more than others, I look in a mirror here now. Keep the passion and flame burning mi hermano.

    • dialedinhunter

      Thank you! What is important, is that we act and respond to that kick in the butt. Some of us will and some of us won’t and the outcomes of our endeavors will show how we responded. Good luck to you this season! Did you draw any elk or lope tags this year?!

      • Aznealz

        I’m hit and miss. My personal hunt fitness regime is on track. My goal for an Alaska caribou bowhunt still eludes me. I aspire. And you?

        AZ elk this year. 7E, second choice, but… elk. Second scout next weekend, if it doesn’t rain. I’m no fan of lightning at 10k’

        • dialedinhunter

          That caribou hunt sounds fun! You’ll get there man. Congrats on your elk tag! 7E early archery bull?

          Physical fitness is also on track for me. I feel like the there is always room for improvement on that front though.

          Goals for this year are filling both my bear tag and deer tag. Hopefully, with a bow. Also, I am planning on doing my first backpack hunt this coming January for archery deer. Haven’t full decided where I am going to go for that one, but am very excited.

          As far as bucket list hunts go, Dall Sheep is definitely top of my list. The hunt looks extremely physically taxing and on the flip side, extremely rewarding. I think this hunt is gonna come down to saving up the appropriate amount of funds and being in the best shape that I can get it.