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How many times have you heard someone say, “Someday, I’d love to___________” and how many times have you witnessed that person actually fulfill this goal?  We are all guilty of it, myself included.  There are tons of things that I would love to do someday, but probably never will for one reason or another.  Why do these things cease to happen though?  I think it is just because we aren’t working towards these goals.  Saying something and doing something are two different things.  In order to do the things that we want to do “someday,” we must work at them.  I’d love to go on a Dall Sheep hunt someday, but I can’t expect someone to just ring my doorbell and hand me a fat check and a tag with a note that reads,”HAVE FUN!”  Although this would be nice, it isn’t likely something that is going to happen.

You are your own worst enemy in these situations.  The only one holding you back from completing your goals, is you.  If you want to own a cabin someday in the beautiful mountains and live your days out in peace, then you need to be doing things now to set you up for that.  What are you doing now to fulfill your goals?  Do you want to be a better shot with your bow?  What are you doing about that?  Are you sick of being out of shape?  What are you doing about that?  Is one of your goals to come out west and arrow a monster bull?  WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THAT?

The purpose of this post, if you hadn’t guessed it, is to motivate you to get off of your butt and do the work.  While it is on the different side of what I normally write, I think that it is a vitally important skill to being a hunter.  Hard work brings rewards and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be on the receiving end of that.  If you want to come out west and arrow a big mule deer, start doing research now!  Save up your money!  Hone your skills!  Talk to other successful hunters in the area that you wish to go.   Anything that you can do today to help you tomorrow is a good thing in my book.  It brings you one step closer to your desires.  You can succeed.  You can fill the void.  What are your goals?  Comment below!

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