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  • hunt birdz

    Just wanted to say that I was curious on your recent Instagram post concerning getting in shape for hunting, so I checked out your blog. Very impressed. Although I am not a big game hunter (I wish I was, only thing is that I know I would become obsessed with it and it would be yet another thing so I will stick with chasing wild birds all over the Midwest and wherever my wife will let me travel to do it). Anyway, checked out your page and read a couple of posts and definitely got something out of it. Besides following you on Instagram, I also liked your FB and will definitely be looking forward to email notifications concerning new posts that are up. Thanks @hunt_birdz

  • dialedinhunter

    Thanks you! That means a lot! Yes, big game hunting is VERY addictive. It is almost as if you get infected by it, hahaha. Same goes for me with bird hunting. I know that I would love it, especially with the use of a dog. However, it would for sure take away from my big game hunting. Take care.