My Top 5 Hunting Podcasts

Not too long ago I asked the question,”What are your favorite hunting podcasts?” on social media and was surprised at the amount of feedback that I DIDN’T get from it.  I did get someone that answered and said that they had never listened to any hunting podcasts and if I had any recommendations.  Of course I gave him a few to check out.  That got me thinking that maybe these aren’t as commonly known as I thought and made me want to try and get the word out.  Below I will give a brief synopsis of my top 5 favorite hunting podcasts, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, and hopefully give people the extra push to get on board and start listening to some like minded individuals chat about hunting.

Outdoors International with Mark Warnke

If you have never heard of Outdoors International get your butt off the couch and go to  They are a hunting consultants group.  This is the place you go when you want to say, go on a guided caribou or elk hunt, but don’t know where to start.  They have connections to everyone under the sun when it comes to outfitting and now they have their own podcast, which I gotta tell you, I am in love with.  The show is hosted by none other than Mark Warnke, one of the founders of Outdoors International.  The man is a wealth of knowledge and I could listen to him talk hunting for a very unhealthy amount of time.  Some of his guests so far include Donnie Vincent, Steve Speck, and Kenton Clairmont.  With a heavy influence on backcountry hunting, this show has truly grown on me and I can’t wait to see where this show goes in the future.  I have learned a ton about things like nutrition and backcountry gear from this show and I believe you will too.  Episodes run in the hour and a half range.  Mark Warnke is not some guy just out there in the public eye that works in the hunting industry.  This dude lives and breathes this way of life.

Jay Scott Outdoors

This podcast really resonates with me, because I am a western hunter and that is what this podcast focuses on.  Jay Scott is an extremely accomplished outdoorsman and guide that lives right here in my home state of Arizona.  When it comes to big game, he is a force to be reckoned with.  He is especially known for his coues deer, goulds turkey, and elk hunts.  In this show he interviews all sorts of people in the hunting industry from guides and clothing companies to accomplished hunters.  They go over things like tips and tricks, gear, calling, etc.  This is a very informative and relevant show in the hunting world.  Episodes run about an hour.  When Jay talks, I listen.  Learn more at

The Joe Rogan Experience

This is by no means is a podcast completely dedicated to hunting.  In the last few years though Joe Rogan has really jumped into the world of hunting and often has hunting related guests on his show such as Steven Rinella, Remi Warren, Jim Shockey, and Cameron Hanes.  Every episode is PACKED with hunting talk and lots of laughs.  These episodes run around 3 hours long, but go by pretty quick as far as I am concerned.  Joe Rogan has become quite the spokesman for hunting in the last few years and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Having someone with an audience like that in our corner can only be good for hunters.  Check him out at


I can’t tell you how excited I was when I heard that Steven Rinella was starting up his own podcast.  I am a big fan of his books and his television show MeatEater.  Steven is a wealth of knowledge and I could listen to this guy talk for hours.  As far as format goes, this is a very laid back podcast, which I love.  Rinella has a tendency to ramble off a lot of times and get sidetracked and off topic, but this in no way is a bad thing.  No joke, this dude knows what he is talking about and does it in a way that is extremely captivating.  Sometimes he has guests on, but other times it will be just him and his colleague Janis Putelis.  Janis is also a very accomplished hunter/guide and works on the MeatEater television show with Steve and a number of other individuals.  The show comes in at about an hour to an hour and a half.  If you enjoy the TV show, you will enjoy the podcast.  Go to and check it out!

Wired to Hunt

Whitetails, whitetails, whitetails!  Yup!  This show focuses on everything whitetail and they do a very good job of it.  Mark Kenyon and Dan Johnson discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to whitetails.  Some of them include trail cameras, scouting, getting permission on new property, and patterning mature bucks.  What more can you ask for right?  This is a one stop shop for whitetail enthusiasts.  Being a western hunter I wasn’t sure if The Wired to Hunt Podcast was gonna catch me or not.  Boy was I wrong.  I have actually found myself using tips and tactics that I heard on this show on some of my hunts out west!  Whether you are an elk hunter in the rocky mountains or an enthusiastic whitetail addict, this show definitely deserves your attention.  Find them at!

If you are anything like me, you think about hunting most of the day and are either out in the backyard shooting your bow, peering over google earth, or watching hunting shows.  This is just another form of entertainment that can subdue the void that we are all chomping at the bit to fill.  All of these podcasts can be found on Itunes and they all deserve a listen.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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