My Top 5 Hunting Podcasts

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  • hunt birdz

    Steven Rinella / MeatEater is definatley my favorite podcast. As you stated, Steven is a very knowledgeable hunter and outdoorsman and I very much enjoy listening to him as well as watching and reading his books and articles.

  • dialedinhunter

    You said it! A wealth of knowledge for sure. I am really excited for his new book coming out this August!

  • Great podcasts all!

    • dialedinhunter

      You bet Cory! Keep up the great work over there at Outdoors International!

      • Thanks, on Tuesday we have a new one coming out on hunting in Europe. It’s a super interesting listen. Very informative. I didn’t expect to enjoy this one so much.

        • dialedinhunter

          Nice! The latest one with Ben Greenfield is an absolute beast of an episode. Jam packed with amazing info on fitness. Can’t turn your ears off for one second during that. You might miss something awesome.

          • I didn’t expect to like that one so much either.