TightSpot 7 arrow Quiver Review


I don’t know about you, but whenever I miss an animal and lose an arrow, I start hoping I don’t run out of arrows.  I know that might sound hilarious, but it’s the truth for me.  Probably just a mental thing really.  This is especially true when I am backpacked into an area and have only the arrows that are in my quiver.  Like a lot of folks, I have been carrying a 5 arrow quiver for quite some time and as of a few years ago, that quiver has always been a TightSpot.  I loved the idea of the quiver being so much more closer to the riser, which would make it a lot easier to lay my bow in my lap while crab crawling my way down to a bedded mule deer.  Just this past December, I was able to do just that and brought home my first archery buck.  It was a day to remember for sure.archery-mule-deer-buck-arizona

At the start of this year, I found out that TightSpot was actually coming out with a 7 arrow quiver.  I thought, “Could this solve my running out of arrows problem?”  I knew that I had to get my hands on this thing immediately for my backcountry endeavors.

First Impressions

My first impressions weren’t really much to think about to tell you the truth.  This 7 arrow quiver is pretty much identical to its 5 arrow sibling.  The weight difference is .1 oz.  Definitely not gonna leave you in pain from lugging around the extra weight.  This has the same great construction that comes with all TightSpot quivers and the addition to the quiver is really so simple it’s hardly noticeable.  The quiver has the same design, just with extra arrow slots, so I feel better about how many arrows I have on my backcountry hunts, haha.  Paired with TightSpot’s Iron Clad Gaurantee and I am sold.

What’s different really?tightspot-7-arrow-quiver

Besides the obvious additional arrow slots that you are getting, there is one difference that I am particularly stoked on and that is the new XL mounting bracket.  This mount makes it so your quiver sits even tighter to your bow!  Being a 1/2 inch longer than their standard bracket, it provides better clearance than before.  I know right?!  It’s the same concept, just a slightly different design and it works like a charm.  Other than that, you have the same length quiver of 19 3/4″ as well as the same length between the hood and gripper of 18″ that we are all used to.  Let’s also not forget about the massive weight difference of .1 oz.tightspot-7-arrow-quiver

In the Fieldtightspot-7-arrow-quiver-hoyt-carbon-defiant

While I haven’t had a ton of hunting time with this quiver yet, I have had the opportunity to use it quite a bit on hiking trails and 3 shoots.  I really can’t tell the difference when shooting and comparing it to my previous 5 arrow setup.  That is a huge plus for me.  Before I got the new one, I was slightly worried about getting some redesigned big clunky quiver.  That worry was definitely put to rest once I started getting some range time in with it.  No extra vibration/noise or anything.  With the new design, the arrows sit nice and uniform in the grippers without looking like a complete mess.  The quiver maintains its sleek look.  I am still not used to having 7 arrows with me, but it’s always a good feeling when I realize it and I see that I have in fact 2 more arrows that I can fling at that target downrange.tightspot-7-arrow-quiver

My Final Thoughts…Simple is Bettertightspot-7-arrow-quiver

A simple, yet effective addition to the quiver is all the reason to check it out.  Even if you don’t always want to run 7 arrows, you can run this exactly how you used your 5.  Just don’t fill the additional grippers and you are back to a 5 arrow quiver.  No harm no foul.  If you are me though and you are hiking in 5 or so miles to chase coues deer around, you might want to bring those extra arrows.  It’s just nice to know that if you did miss a few deer, your covered and don’t have to hike all the way back to the truck or drive back to town to get more arrows.  The weight to benefit ratio here is well worth having the extra insurance of ammo with you.  My only worry with this new product is that it goes unnoticed, because of it’s stark similarity to the other quivers in the line.  Other than that, this TightSpot has definitely earned its spot in my gear list and I think it deserves your consideration as well.  To learn more, check out www.tightspotquiver.com.



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