Tips to Lighten your Pack for Backcountry Hunting

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  • Aznealz

    More good intel Josh. I’m a backpacker as well, and it’s cool to combine that with hunting. Best of both worlds for me. I have a Word file that is my pre backpack hunt trip list. It lists absolutely everything that I may, even remotely, need for the trip. Over the years, I check off fewer and fewer items that I “need” to bring. I’ve also learned to pack multi use gear as well. I also pay close attention to the weather forecasts right up to the trailhead. If I’ve packed rain gear, for example, and the WX says no chance of precip for the days I’m out, it stays in the truck.

    And one last bit of wisdom I read on a backpack blog years ago… everyone of us can easily trim five lbs. off our gut in one or two weeks before our trips, and that’s five less lbs. to pack in, and out!

    Take care man.

    • dialedinhunter

      Right on Neal! Trimming a bit of that spare tire is perhaps the most simple/hardest way to drop weight on our trips, lol. I am the same way with my rain gear, except during monsoon season, haha. Just never know during that time. I just got back from a backpacking trip with my wife. Man, it felt good to get back out there. Lots of water right now and greener than green.