Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Last September I decided to do something that I had been dreaming about for years, but never had the nerve to pull the trigger on.  I went on my first out of state hunt for elk in the backcountry of Colorado.  That might not seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but for me it was.  It made me leave the comforts of my home state in Arizona and the hunting grounds that I’ve grown so familiar with.  These are the spots that have helped me grow as a hunter.  Within them, I’ve had more “firsts” than I can recall at this moment, which is probably why I’ve become so attached.  They’ve also beaten me into the dirt more times than I can count.  My decision to “fly the coop” was an intimidating one, but one that I don’t regret a single bit.  Being a new elk hunter, on top of being new to backpack hunting, weighed heavily in the back of my mind.  Would I even be able to find elk?  Did I have what it takes to stay over a week in Colorado’s backcountry?  After getting over the hullabaloo and actually making this hunt happen, I came away with way more than I thought.  The accomplishment I felt once I got back to my truck, knowing that I just did what I did was incredible.

Thinking about doing something and doing it are completely different things.  A lot of us, myself included, tend to fantasize about these epic adventures, but end up never making them happen.  We enjoy the thought of trekking into an unknown wilderness with camp on our backs and a thirst for adventure, but when it comes time to make the decision to actually do it, the desire for comfort and familiarity creep in.  I start thinking of hunting spots that I’ve already come to know.  I know that if I go to these areas, I will see animals.  However, at one time, these were new areas as well and I was faced with that “uncomfortable” feeling that is the unknown.  If we never venture out of our comfort zones, it is my opinion, that progression will become harder and harder to come by.  This isn’t just true in hunting, but in life.  An example of this would be folks wrestling with getting in shape.  They love the “idea” of being in shape and feeling better.  Doing so, would change their everyday life though and ruin their “routine.”  To that, I say “RUIN YOUR ROUTINE!”  Change is only going to come by change.

Change is only going to come by change

The older I get, the more I realize how short life really is.  Everyday that goes by is one that is lost forever.  Opportunities pass us by all of the time, but it rests in our hands whether we seize them or not.  We are the ones that stand between us and our goals.  We are the ones that lay the foundation of our lives.  We are the ones that have the power to push our own boundaries and step through the veil that is our comfort zone.  Being uncomfortable is ok.  Never choosing to cross the line means that you will never know what’s on the other side.  Step out of your comfort zone and be uncomfortable.  By doing so, you might just find even more comfort.

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