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It seems, as of late, the podcasting world, as it pertains to hunting, is getting more and more popular.  To which I say, “AWESOME!”  My only complaint is having too many good podcasts to listen to and not enough time to do so.  Since the last podcast post I made, My Top 5 Hunting Podcasts, quite a few new shows have emerged on the scene and not without force.  I have put together another list of 5 hunting podcasts to check out.  These especially excite me, because they are all mostly geared toward western hunting.

Full Draw Full Time11949388_1202670573082228_2620774839979795385_n

When I saw the post on Facebook that the Full Draw Film Tour made about a podcast, I immediately stopped what I was doing and went to search for the show to hit SUBSCRIBE!  As being a fan of the Full Draw Film Tour wasn’t enough, hearing who the hosts were gonna be was the cherry on top to a must listen to show for bowhunters.  This podcast is hosted by non other than South Cox of Stalker Stickbows and Kody Kellom of the Full Draw Film Tour.  As far as I am concerned, South Cox is like a wizard when it comes to bowhunting and ESPECIALLY bowhunting for mule deer.  With South’s wisdom bestowed upon us, all of us are bound to learn something.  Kody Kellom is another force to be reckoned with in the area of backcountry archery elk hunting.  If you have never seen a film by Kody’s crew, Born and Raised Outdoors, do yourself a favor and check one out.  Their film, Uncommon Ground is AMAZING.  Some of the guests that they have interviewed so far are Dwight Schuh and Kristy Titus.  The show is geared straight towards the western bowhunter with a strong influence on backpack hunting.  This is a relatively new show, but a strong one and one that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon.  You can check this show out on iTunes or on their website Full Draw Full Time.

Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered600x600bb-85-1

If you don’t know who Randy Newberg is, he is the host of the television show on the sportsman channnel, Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg, and runs the successful hunting forum called Hunt Talk.  Randy is a wealth of knowledge in the world of hunting and especially hunting politics.  This guy has been fighting for our rights as hunters for a very long time and, in my opinion, deserves your ear.  This is by no means a boring show just about politics.  Randy is very entertaining and often times is sidetracked, which I find quite comical.  You are gonna get tips on hunting, tips on life, and tips on how to become more active in your hunting community and conservation.  I think that is something that we all know that we should do, but a lot of us don’t take the time to.  Conservation is the future and Randy is here to educate you.  Find his show, Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered, on iTunes.

The Rich Outdoors8687651

The Rich Outdoors is a solid western hunting podcast hosted by Cody Rich.  This was actually only the second western hunting podcast that I had ever found, the first being The Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast, so when it came out, I was definitely intrigued.  My expectations of this show were high, based on the guests that Cody was interviewing.  Guests such as Zac Griffith, Corey Jacobsen, and Jana Waller to name a few.  This show did not let me down IN THE LEAST BIT.  It is a very well put together show with informative topics.  The conversations that Cody has with his guests are nothing short of engaging and jam packed with useful hunting info that can only benefit all of us.  Cody is nobody’s lunch meat either.  Being an avid and successful bowhunter, he is also filled with his own knowledge to share with us.  Check out Cody’s podcast on iTunes or over at his website The Rich Outdoors.

Hunt Backcountry600x600bb-85

This was another one of those podcasts that when I heard it was coming out, I immediately jumped on it.  The show is hosted by Mark Huelsing of Sole Adventure and Exo Mountain Gear and Steve Speck of Exo Mountain Gear and S&S Archery.  I have been following Mark’s blog, Sole Adventure, for quite some time now.  He is a backcountry elk hunting enthusiast and a huge reason why I even started Dialed in Hunter.  Be sure to check out his engaging blog Sole Adventure.  Like I said earlier about South Cox being a wizard of bowhunting, Steve Speck is a wizard of backpack archery hunting.  With a strong influence on being ultralight, Steve is more than capable of arming you with the knowledge you need for your next backpack hunt.  Mark and Steve cover everything from gear for the backcountry, to food for the backcountry, to hunting tactics and everything in between.  This is also a relatively new show, but one that I think is and will be eaten up by backcountry hunting enthusiasts.  Check out the Hunt Backcountry Podcast on iTunes or at Exo Mountain Gear.

The Gritty Bowmen1500x1500sr

I originally found out about this podcast via YouTube.  I wasn’t that familiar with The Gritty Bowmen at the time, but saw that they had some informative sounding topics that they were discussing, so I checked it out.  Soon, I found myself about 7 hours or so into podcast episodes from these guys, haha.  As they say, the rest is history.  The Gritty Bowmen is a podcast run by Brian Call, founder of grittybowmen.com.  Brian is often joined on the show by Aron Snyder of Kifaru packs.  As with the above mentioned shows, this show seems to be focused on western backcountry archery hunting.  Brian and Aron discuss very relevant topics such as how to keep your meat cool in the backcountry, why your backpack is so heavy, and water purification tips.  When Aron is not on the show, Brian interviews guests such as Kody Kellom, South Cox, and Casey and Jordan Harbertson.  He also shares his own hunting adventures and the knowledge that he has accumulated over all of his years of hunting.  This show is well worth your time.  Find the show on iTunes or on their website Gritty Bowmen.

Sometimes hunting can just be flat out hard as heck and it seems that every hunter I come across is hungry for knowledge.  Podcasts like the ones I have mentioned are there for just that.  These guys and gals are willing to share what they have learned the hard way through trial and error out in the mountains and hopefully help you become a better hunter in the end.  They are there to help us, inform us, and entertain us.  Not to mention, they are a great way to pass the time in between hunting seasons.  Take advantage of these shows and pick from them what you will.  Hope you enjoy.  Let me know what you think of these shows in the comments below!

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