4 Years (First Archery Deer)

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  • Troubadour

    Outstanding story man, gives me the chills. I just arrowed my first buck this year as well and the feeling is indescribable, I think I did cry a little. I definitely did when I got back to camp and told my brother (we were backpacked into a wilderness area). Quite an accomplishment, I hope I can get my first AZ archery deer down soon, being an AZ native would make it that much better. Keep up the good work and thanks for being a great advocate and role model for hunters and the animals we are blessed to chase.

    • dialedinhunter

      Congrats on your buck!! No shame in shedding a few tears of over an animal. I’ve been there a few times. Must have been an incredible experience being backpacked in on top of arrowing your first buck! Thank you for the kind words and best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

  • SoleAdventure

    Great story, great buck…great job! Stoked for you, Josh!

    • dialedinhunter

      Thanks Mark! Can’t wait for January to get after it again!